Hi! I am Patrick.

Bilingual - Product Manager
Agile Practitioner
Data Analysis & Popularizer

01. Introduction

I'm Patrick - a Bilingual Product Manager l'm sharing my time between Montreal, Qc and Toronto, Ont. I specialize in managing products that support and ease the work of professional, combining intelligence and technologies to their work tools.

I'm always curious to explore new opportunities and challenges. I'm also available for some comsultant work.

This Guy

An idea maker, a visionary,
a creative genius.

This Guy

and ambitious.

This Guy

He's a rule breaker,
and exceptional communicator.
8 Years Experience
in Product Management
18 Countries Visited
for Clients
90% New opportunities
from Referrals
100+ Products
99% Clients
1 Time Bullied
by a Client

02. work Experience

Company 02. Jobbook
May 2015 Aug 2016
Company 03. Apcurium
Dec. 2014 May 2015
Company 04. iProspect Canada
Jan. 2014 Dec. 2014
Company 05. Frank & Oak
Jun. 2013 Dec. 2013
Company 06. Sid Lee
Apr. 2010 Apr. 2013
Company 07. Leitmotiv Studio
Apr. 2007 Jun. 2010
Company 08. The Guardian
Y-2004 Y-2007

03. Collaboration

I'm always excited to hear about new ideas and collaborations.

In the last few years I worked and collaborated with companies such as Adidas, Mobile Knowledge, Frank & Oak, Nike, LexisNexis Canada, Drainvac, NuEcho & many more.

04. What Can I Do

Product Management 001.
Product Delivery 002.
Product Specifications 003.
Concepting Ideas 004.
UX Design 005.
Agile Implementation 006.

As a product manager, Patrick is a well organized and clear manager. Always on the lookout for the market evolution and thrive by analytics he leads teams with a good share of development knowledge and product forecasting.
Being a good communicator is one of the major outtakes of Patrick, he listens and understands and can rationalize complex concepts to a non-technological crowd.
I worked with Patrick on different projects and will be glad to do it again.

Frederick Lebel - Atome & Pixel

Patrick is both smart and unconventional. And I mean really unconventional as in the creative, surprising and competitive advantage way. Don't bother him for usual, "everybody's done it before" type of work. He's a great asset to your team if you want to kick the guts out of your competitors while they do average stuff.

Jean-Michel Ghoussoub - Digital Expert + Business Strategist + Executive Coach + Public Speaker

When I met Patrick, I was immediately struck by his charisma and his ability to inspire and lead a team. He is an extremely intelligent and creative person who can easily think outside the box and find innovative solutions to complex problems.
He has always played an important role in my team and was always an asset to our company and I have absolutely no doubt that he will be successful at any project he chooses to undertake.

Marie-Claude Paquette - Production Manager Sid Lee

Patrick has an incredible strength! It can quickly identify a client's business issues and make simple and easily feasible recommendations for project teams. A real team player, he knows how to rally teams and complete the realization of his projects. He works quickly and has a real passion for the interactive world.

Stephanie Latour - Senior Ecommerce, Omni-channel, CRM and digital strategist

06. Get in Touch

I love to make new contacts with new people. Feel free and drop me an email: patrick@pcormier.com

Have a good day!